Provider Community Base Programs

  • Daycare

    Supervisory care and assistants made available to children and adults alike provided by private agencies, an organization, or an individual during the day for the purpose of learning (for children) or short-term respite (for adults).

    • (Adult & Child)
  • Schools

    An institution that provides formal and non-formal education, consisting of the triadic base of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

    • (Private, GED, Vocational, Charter, & DUI)
  • Clinics

    A place or facility that is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease for outpatients.

    • X Ray
    • Ambulatory Surgical Center
    • Community Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse
    • Psychological, Medical
    • Pre – Natal
    • Rural Health
    • Laboratory
  • Domestic Businesses

    Are business types that are confined to a limited coverage area. Examples are:

    • Emergency Transportation
    • Meal Preparation Agency
    • Construction
    • Staffing
    • NEMT (Non-Emergency Transportation)
  • Narcotic Treatment Programs
    A special type of rehabilitative program anchored on the premise of “like treats like”. They are delivered through controlled service and with research-backed rationale on dosage and administration, usually for individuals who are dependent on opium, morphine, heroin or any derivative or synthetic drug of that group.
  • IFI (Family Intensive Intervention)
    Intensive Family Intervention aims to guide and preserve families through counseling, stabilizing the living environment, promoting reunification or preventing the utilization of out-of-home therapeutic resources (i.e. psychiatric hospital, therapeutic foster care, juvenile justice, and residential treatment facility)
  • Day and After School Program

    These are specific programs offered by most preschool and child care service providers geared towards making productive the intermittent times that children are not at school. Its main purpose is enhancement, and reinforcement, through activities that include:

    • Arts
    • Play
    • Homework Tutorial
    • Counseling
    • And more
  • Summer Program
    Designed chiefly as a supplemental and remedial program, these short-term courses unites fun and learning, engaging children in adventure and education altogether. Summer programs are very useful for parents who wish to do away with video games and other unproductive activities that their children are hooked to during vacations.
  • Transitional Programs
    Transition is a period that can have a harsh effect on the individual involved if not guided well. This is the primary reason why transitional programs are made comprehensive in the most gentle way possible to make sure that students will have a sense of completion from the previous task, as well as attain a sense of readiness for their next set of goals ahead.
  • Out Patient Physical Therapy
    Outpatient therapy services are an advantage to patients who wish to stay at home for recovery than stay in facilities. These include coordinated services that are run immediately after the patients are discharged from treatment of illness, disease, or injury. Therapy sessions are concentrated in the therapy center and the patients can head home after every sessions. Fortunately, there are now medical home health care providers that offer excellent therapy services for outpatients in the very comfort of their own homes.
  • Speech Pathology
    Speech and language pathologists specialize in delivering services meant to diagnose, treat, and maintain one’s capacity for speech, language, cognition, and communication.
  • Respiratory Therapy
    Respiratory therapy services are provided for by skilled nurses under the direction of a physician. Respiratory services are carried out after the need for such is identified in the patient’s care plan.
  • Adoption and Placement
    Adoption is the legal process of taking an individual as another’s own daughter/son, under the justice process, with consent, and up to certain terms of agreement if there are parties involved.
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