About Us

CMG specializes in identifying, matching and securing private and government contracts at the corporate, state, county, city and township levels. CMG has developed a comprehensive solution that broadens and strengthens contract opportunities for Professionals and Vendors across the United States who possess the skills and seek to enhance their businesses. Contracting with corporate and government entities can quickly take a small business to big business.

CMG offer a simplified process that helps streamline all aspects of the business operations, from planning to execution, on to the evaluation and process optimization. In addition, it helps keep business operations in line with the specific needs and concerns of the client contracting the services.

In meeting the needs of the client, CMG considers the function, experience, staff, running costs, location, and equipment. From speed to completion, CMG parallels these needs to an appropriate procurement strategy to ensure service delivery.

CMG works in concert with competent and highly skilled professionals, matching their skills with contract opportunities to grow the business. It’s a collaborative effort between CMG and the professional that focuses on aligning the criteria that meet the needs of the clients. CMG aims to economically empower and improve business operations continuously, encouraging adaptability and embracing innovations. CMG is a trendsetter with a standard that exceeds the expectations of the professional and the clients.

CMG is the Professional’s Executive back-office. CMG endeavors to ensure compliances, provide watchful oversite and contract management services in support of the Professionals’ staff. Our objective center around furthering the business success of both the Professional and Client. CMG provides The Back-Office support required as needed to assist the Professionals’ in areas such as; IT, Contract & Administrative Support, Logistics, Service Delivery, Performance Evaluations, Human Resources, Accounting/Bookkeeping, and more for the benefit of the client.

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