Project Portfolio

Continuously exceeding the expectations of our clients, CMG creates programs that combines procurement strategy performance based technology solutions. Our procurement consultants are proficient in organization development, re-engineering and the implementation of services that accomplish the goals set forth.

Just a Few of the Projects in CMG Portfolio:

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    Our dedicated team is well-versed in issues affecting chemical firms, such as regulatory pressures, market volatility, supply-chain disruption, and more. CMG understand the nature of the chemicals market and CMG is able to offer insight to help with our client’s needs.

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    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Increasing regulatory constraints, the rising cost of raw materials, and growing consumer requirements – these are just some of the issues faced by consumer goods companies. CMG assist our clients in addressing these issues by offering comprehensive consulting services that increase their productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.

  • tiler placing wall tile

    CMG have construction consultants who specialize in the oversight and overall management of different construction projects. From initial concept to project completion, our consultants provide keen attention to detail, effective leadership, and a valued partnership that you can rely on throughout the entire process.

  • oil workers on the oil pump jack

    Energy & Utilities
    Our consultants help energy and utility companies navigate issues, such as technological disruption, increased competition, stricter CO2 regulations, and more. CMG work with our clients to turn these issues into opportunities by enhancing operational efficiencies, strengthening their core business, and retaining and increasing their client base.

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    Government & Nonprofit
    CMG work with city municipalities, national and regional governments, nonprofit organizations, as well as federal, state and local governments to build operational excellence, develop executable strategies and plans, streamline processes, provide better outcomes, and lower costs.

  • motherboard digital chip

    CMG offer expert insight to High-Tech companies, from start-ups to multinationals, to streamline processes, improve operations, and create better value. From product management and development to business technology to corporate finance to operations, CMG have the knowledge to help innovators innovate.

  • men working on the pipe

    Industrial Manufacturing
    From digital transformation and supply chain optimization to procurement and cost management, our consultants work with industrial manufacturing companies to solve a variety of management and operational issues.

  • a portrait of logistics concept

    CMG offer our deep industry expertise to logistics and transportation companies. Our expertise in this field allows us to offer strategic and operational insight to our clients, such as portfolio strategy, performance improvement, labor relations, marketing and pricing, fleet and network optimization, and more.

  • social media network business, concept flow chart

    Media, Entertainment, & Communications
    CMG offer comprehensive consulting services to the media, entertainment, and communication industries. CMG help our clients improve cybersecurity and digitization, enhance operational efficiencies, improve consumer engagement, and address other issues faced by their company.

  • medical capsules

    Pharmaceutical Supplies
    Our consultants work with pharmaceutical manufacturers so that they can become more competitive in today’s rapidly changing market characterized by regulatory constraints and unpredictable product pipelines. Our consultants bring unparalleled expertise in organizational design, cost management, and other disciplines that can drive a pharmaceutical company’s growth.

  • security guard

    Security Training & Consulting
    CMG offer support, guidance, and expert advice to individuals and organizations. CMG work with in-house security teams, as well as security companies, to implement customized security systems and procedures or to enhance existing programs. From security management consultancy to security training to awareness sessions to security design and engineering, CMG offer the security expertise you need.

  • container trucks on the bridge

    Trucking & Transportation
    CMG offer our expertise to trucking and transportation companies. CMG focus on enhancing margins, enhancing financial and operational processes, and improving customer experience.

  • interior of warehouse

    From warehouse operations’ assessments, network optimization, facility sizing and design, to operations planning and training; CMG offer unparalleled expertise and experience in the warehousing industry. CMG will help improve your company’s performance while reducing cost.

  • offshore oil and gas central processing

    Fuel, Oil, & Gas
    CMG work with independent commercial oil companies, renewable energy companies, petrochemical producers, private equity investors, as well government and national fuel, oil, and gas companies as they seek to stand out in this highly competitive industry. From utilizing cutting-edge technologies in fossil fuels and alternative energy sources to maximizing existing reserves, to increasing operational efficiencies, CMG will help you develop the right strategies to achieve an advantage over your competitors.

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