Professional Registration

There are many good reasons to contract your services through CMG. Contracts generate structured payments from clients. Government and private contracts create growth and stability businesses of all sizes. Some contracts have contract terms of three to five years. This provides a long-term cash flow and profit margins.

Professionals are needed in all industries to provide services or products to meet the needs of clients.

Become a valuable source or supplier for the government and private sectors. Register today, become vetted, and increase your value and success.

Contract Procurement Consideration Requirements:

  • Company Profile
  • EIN
  • Financial Statement
  • Professional License
  • 8a Certifications
  • Dunns’ Number
  • Hiring Practices
  • Professional References
  • Some Contracts May Require Government Clearance
  • Company Capability Statement
  • Business Credit Credibility
  • Insurance
  • Business License
  • SAM Registration
  • Subcontractors Policy
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Personal Credibility

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