In Home Business

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In the U.S., an estimated 13 million, or one in 10 employees, work from home. Small business owners and entrepreneurs work from home as a way of reducing overhead and increasing flexibility. They often have their employees working from home for the same reasons.

Some of the great achievers who work from home includes no less than entrepreneur Richard Branson, star Amazon engineer James Hamilton, personal training and weight loss CEO Jeff Hyman, and Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist

According to a Stanford University study, an estimated 600,000 in the U.S. had “mega-commutes in 2010, traveling nearly 90 minutes or 50 miles for work.” Imagine the time lost on your startup or small business due to travel that’s not absolutely necessary. For any business that can be operated virtually or from a mobile location, cutting out the commute means obvious increases in productivity. The Wall Street Journal

Looking at the work from home option, either as a solo-pruner or a small business owner with staff, CMG will help you develop the most efficient way to operate your company. Working from home arrangements can be superior to working in an office. When managed by efficient and accountability policies and procedures are in place.

  • Concrete and Paving
  • Emergency and Efficiency
  • Floor
  • Home Improvement and Decor
  • Home Inspection
  • Kitchen/Bath Remodeling
  • Lawn Care & Landscaping
  • Maid Services
  • Moving & Storage
  • Real Estate
  • Senior Care

The CMG group supports In Home Business for:

  • ATM & Vending
  • Consulting & Planning
  • Energy Drink
  • Internet
  • Mobile
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