Starting any business is no easy task, and becoming a food entrepreneur is a special challenge. You’ll have to prepare yourself for the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve in the food business and brace yourself for success.

Before starting your new food business, you need a clear vision of how you want your business to operate. CMG staff work with its Clients in the key areas of preparation; management, market, products, processing, finance; and preparing to achieve the expected outcomes. CMG doesn’t just help you write a business plans. CMG helps you write a plan for the business.


CMG insures all businesses comply with local, state, and federal registration procedures in order to legally operate and the Food businesses are no exception. Because, No matter how careful you are at insuring the work environment and products are safe, accidents do happen. As a business owner, you will be held responsible for any harm that comes to your employees, visitors and consumers who eat your products, therefore CMG Insurance Agents write policies to make certain you and your business are protected.

The Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services are responsible for enforcing food regulations and inspecting food establishments. CMG works closely with departments of sanitarian as early as possible on development which saves you time and money.

CMG specializes in Food label regulations which are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and dictate the type of information that must be on the label and where the label can be placed on the package. Exact requirements for your package size and type can be confusing. Before labels are printed, CMG make sure labeling requirements are met.

There is a difference between price and pricing. The price is the amount of money you want for each product unit. Pricing is the process you need to go through to figure out what price to attach to each unit. Pricing, therefore, is a strategic process that you must learn, and use, for business success. Pricing strategies can be divided into two methods: competition-based pricing and cost based pricing. CMG explores and presents each method advantages and disadvantages, equipping Clients with information to make an informed educated decision to remain competitive and profitable.

On the other hand, not all explorations into the food and restaurant business have been successful. Issues including a not-so-good location, an unmanaged finance and capital, as well as failure to delve into advertising cause the downfall of the business, which could have been a very big potential should it have been managed well. Rethink!


CMG will take your business into a whole new level by sound solutions for your buffet enterprise. Experts and professionals will be with you through:

  • Planning and Design
  • Operations and Procedures
  • Contingencies
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Manpower Handling

Allow CMG to be of service to you. CMG will help you see certain aspects of your business you have never seen before.

The CMG group supports Food businesses for:

  • Catering
  • Mobile Services
  • Restaurants
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