Children Services

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CHILDREN SERVICES are highly regulated to ensure agencies operate in compliance to protect and enforce a child’s health, safety and well-being. Specific rules must be in place prior to operating and contracting services. Child servicing agencies are regulated by governmental agencies and regulatory departments and require licensing.

Business challenges are expected. It is in how CMG overcomes them that strengthens our organization. CMG Business Services believe that the thought of being an inspiration to the youth is a key motivation for businesses that serve the needs of children. If you are in the business of Products and Services that benefit children you are in the right industry.

CMG Business Services is staffed with experts who have been studying and involving themselves in programs that shine a spotlight on the younger demographics. Our experience can help you establish your company to serve young consumers. Years of market studies have yielded us with information that addresses concerns such as:

  • What appeals to the younger demographics?
  • What generational differences could affect the brand we are marketing?
  • What long-term benefits can we provide our young consumers?

If you are putting together a day care, school, toy manufacturing or child care facility, CMG Business Services will help you launch your company brand to your target consumers.

Some services help children with disabilities benefit from their special education by providing extra help and support in needed areas, such as speaking or moving. Related services can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Speech-language pathology and Audiology Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Recreation, including Therapeutic Recreation
  • Early Identification and Assessment of Disabilities in Children
  • Counseling Services, including Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Orientation and Mobility Services
  • Medical Services for Diagnostic or Evaluation Purposes
  • School Health Services and School Nurse Services
  • Social Work Services in Schools

The CMG group supports Children Services for:

  • Camps
  • Education & Tutoring
  • Housing
  • Party & Play
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